Supports / Products

SURFI--METAL performs his services to

Every types of supports :

  • Glass (food, cosmetic, pharmacy, wine and spirits bottles, bottles, jars, flat glass…)
  • Plastic and composite of all origins (food, cosmetic, wine and spirits, telephony, motor, household appliances, toys…)
  • General industry (steel, aluminium, farming, motor, urban and collectivity furniture…)
  • Specific supports (wood, textile, collectivity and interior furniture)


Every types of paint products and of metallization :

  • Liquid Basse Coat/Top coat paint (PU, EPOXY, HYDRO, UV…)
  • Liquid metallization (Silver, Copper, Cobalt…)
  • Powder paint/Thermo-lacquering (EPOXY, POLYESTER, MIXED, UV…)